El Salvador, Finca El Cerro honey process (Filter)

El Salvador, Finca El Cerro honey process (Filter)


Origin: El Salvador

Region: Apaneca

Farm: Ahuachapan Apaneca

Variety: Bourbon

Proc. Method: Honey process

The Cup: Red Fruit, big, sweet buttery body

This stunning single estate coffee is from Finca El Cerro, the farm of producer Atilio Zepeda Magana, located in the Apaneca municipality of the Ahuachapan district of El Salvador.  The farm is approximately 5 hectares and has a nutrition program based on regular soil and leaf analysis using ecological products and programs.  The harvest generally takes place from November to February, and the growing altitude of the estate is a high 1650 metres above sea level.  The crop consists of 100% Bourbon fruit.  From the harvest, the cherries undergo a honey process were the fruit is pulped but 95% of the mucilage is left on the bean.  The beans are then sun dried on raised African style beds for 15 days.






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