Rwanda, Simbi PB (Filter)

Rwanda, Simbi PB (Filter)


Origin: Rwanda

Region: Huye District Southern Rwanda

Farm: Three sisters coffee company

Variety: Bourbon PB

Proc. Method: washed

The Cup: Light jam, choc, cherry, round body, broad acidity.

The Rwandan Simbi PB is produced by the 3 African Sisters Coffee Company who strive to improve economic opportunities for women coffee farmers, by empowering them with the opportunity to market their coffee. Their private washing station founded in 2013 is located in Huye District in southern Rwanda. Coffee plants are grown at an altitude of 1700 metres. Simbi washing station collects and wash processes coffee from 1475 farmers. The abbreviation PB in the title of the coffee denotes that the beans are peaberries which are characterized by their regular round shape. These cherries contain only one bean instead of usual two. This is a very special coffee for us to have at Kingdom.  Peaberries are not common and Rwanda produces some of the most exceptional full package coffees in the world.  We’ve had amazing results with this bean from the most delicate filters to the awesome full bodied espresso.  This offering is available for filter brewing at the moment.






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