Zambia Mafinga Hills (Filter)

Zambia Mafinga Hills (Filter)


Origin: Zambia

Region: Northern Province, Mafinga Hills

Mill: Kateshi Mill

Proc. Method: Washed

About the beans

This Rainforest Alliance certified coffee comes from the Kateshi and Isanya Estates located in the Mafinga Hills sub-region of Zambia’s Northern Province. Kateshi Estate is located near the town of Kasama and has a total of 2466 hectares, 773 of which are used for growing coffee at between 1340m - 1400m above sea level. Isanya comprises of 1600 hectares grown at 1500-1600m above sea level. Both coffees are milled at Kateshi and blended to create this unique coffee.

The Cup: Bright lime and lemon with a hint of melon.  Delicious served as a pour over or cold drip.


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