El Salvador, El Molinito SHG

El Salvador, El Molinito SHG


Origin: El Salvador

Region: Apaneca

Farm: Jose Antonio Salaverria

Variety: Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon

Proc. Method: Washed


About the beans

This delicious coffee from El Salvador is SHG grade (coffee grown at high altitude which slows the growing process resulting in a denser, more intensely flavoured bean).  Only the most select cherries were chosen by farmer Antonio Salaverria from his farm in the Apaneca Llamatepec mountain range.  El Molinito is Rainforest Certified and was wet processed through the Beneficio Las Cruces dry mill.

The Cup: El Molinito has a delicious tangy and creamy body with a chocolatey aftertaste.


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