Columbia: Pink Bourbon - Daniel Cuellar

Columbia: Pink Bourbon - Daniel Cuellar


Origin: Columbia

Region: Huila

Altitude: 1500-1900masl

Farm: Finca La Bandida

Varietyl: Pink bourbon

Process method: 14 hour ferment


This coffee is grown by Daniel Cuellar at Finca La Bandida. It is hand picked and sorted and then processed at Cofinet’s facility in Garzon where it is the dry fermented for 14 hours. Cherries are then hand picked again and dried for ideal moisture content. Pink bourbon is a variety currently being genetically assessed to determine its origin and is assumed to be a mutation from the San Adolfo region of Huila. Cofinet are pioneers in Columbia working with farmers to improve processing and quality.


The cup: Full bodied, rich fruit and toffee

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