Ethiopia Grade 1 Sidamo

Ethiopia Grade 1 Sidamo


AA Gondo

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Farm: Small farmers

Variety: Heirloom Varietals

Proc. Method: Natural


About the beans

The cup: Blueberry, choc, sweet and balanced with big body.

This coffee was farmed in the province of Sidamo in the Ethiopian highlands at elevations from 1,500 up to 2,200 meters above sea level. These elevations qualify the beans as Strictly High Grown (SHG) / Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) – elevations where the best Ethiopian coffees grow more slowly and therefore have more time to absorb nutrients and develop more robust flavors based on the local climate and soil conditions.  This region of Ethiopia is very likely the birthplace of Arabica coffee that has been farmed there for millennia.

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