Seasonal Espresso Blend

Seasonal Espresso Blend

from 15.00

Origin: 70% Brazil, Mogiana, Eagle 17/18

30% Guatemala, Huehuetenango, SHB EP, Finca Providencia

About the beans

Our beautiful Brazilian bean is sourced from top lots from the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil.  Mogiana runs along the border of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais and is home to some of the most consistently sweet and structured natural coffees from Brazil.  We love this coffee in our espresso blend as it gives a full bodied richness to our blend and most of customers don’t add sugar to this one!

The Providencia Estate is managed by the third generation of the Anzueto family and is located in the San Pedro Necta district.  This high quality, strictly hard bean has been wash processed and brings some beautiful brightness, honey and stone fruit to our blend.

The Cup: Sweet caramel and nutty rich-chocolate.


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