Tess Presso Review

We recently had a visit from well known coffee blogger, Tess Presso.  She spent some time chatting with Amy from our team and sampled our coffees along the way.  Here’s what she had to say about us!

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Emily Raven
Big wins for the Kingdom team!

March saw our barista Jamie take first prize in the Veneziano latte art smackdown hosted at First Pour and third prize go to Alex Whigham in the Almond Breeze Brezzy Masters hosted by Rio Coffee.  We are super proud of our team!

Emily Raven
Exciting new offerings!

With the launch of our website, we’re introducing a couple of new coffees into the fold. 

We are very lucky to have 2 bags of the Rwanda Simbi Peaberry.  This beautiful coffee comes from the Three Sisters Collective from the Gakenke district of the Rwandan highlands.  We’re roasting this for filter and it’s got stacks of fruity cranberry and blood orange flavor and chocolatey scent.

El Molinito is a Rainforest Alliance certified SHG EP quality coffee from El Salvador.  We’re roasting this for filter and it has a lovely creamy, tangy body

Emily Raven
Welcome to our New Website!

Our Website Has Finally Launched!

We’re very excited to announce that our website proper was launched last week.  This means that customers can purchase their favourite beans from us anytime and we’ll send them just about anywhere in Australia!

We are also pleased to announce our new subscription service where customers can have their choice of beans roasted for espresso or filter arrive on their doorstep every fortnight or monthly.

Emily Raven