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At My Kingdom for a Horse we look for outstanding beans from great producers. All of our beans are seasonal, specialty grade and we buy according to availability as beans from each coffee producing country around the world arrive in Australia. We are always searching for that special super-tasty coffee that you can't get anywhere else.  We buy some coffees directly from farms and some through specialist coffee buyers that share our commitment to good farming practice and fair trade.

We roast for both espresso and filter brewing as well as a delicious seasonal blend that balances well with dairy and nut milks. 

Our coffees change regularly and we curate an ever changing selection from different countries and a contrast of processing methods.

Open 7am – 4pm
Monday to Friday
8am – 4pm on Weekends and public holidays

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My Kingdom for a Horse is a 120 seat licensed cafe with on site coffee roastery in the heart of the City of Adelaide. The cafe offers a seasonal, all-day a la carte menu using the very best, locally sourced and ethically produced ingredients.

Our constantly changing selection of coffees are roasted on site and are available to drink - or to take home as beans.  Our friendly staff are always available to help you select something delicious.

About us

Emily Raven has more than 30 years in professional cookery, hospitality management and education and has an MA(Gastronomy) from Adelaide University and has lectured for both Le Cordon Bleu and William Angliss. She previously owned and operated the award winning Cafe 54.  Her first Rwandan coffee was a life changing moment! 

Rachel Mead holds a Master of Management from Macquarie University and has had an extensive career in retail, training and human resources.




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Sweet and spicy chocolate body with a clean and juicy finish.

Espresso Blend

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