Coffee Lovers Unite! Join the festival of coffee on September 16.

My Kingdom for a Horse is a café well known for their specialty coffee and passion for roasting great beans.

Owner and operator Emily Raven looks for outstanding beans from great producers, with all specialty grade beans scoring higher than 80 according to the SCCA’s scale for flavour and aroma out of 100.

For Emily and our team, the origin of the coffee we serve is very important, so we want our clientele to know the country of origin, region, varietals, processing methods and the farmers who toil for us.

That’s why on September 16, My Kingdom for a Horse will be hosting a cupping event where coffee aficionados can try our range of specialty coffees and see for themselves why we were recently selected as Best Adelaide city Café – Dining at the Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence.

In this special, free event, keen coffee lovers can experience our selection of single origins for both espresso and filter brewing as well as our delicious seasonal blends.

Coffee and equipment will be available to purchase and new subscribers to our coffee clan receive a free sample of beans.

While networking and talking all things coffee with like-minded individuals, you can take the opportunity to sample, purchase and join our coffee club.

We pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of our specialty brand of coffee in Adelaide and we want to share our knowledge and expertise with fellow keen beans.

We really love coffee, so come and join us to try our different flavours and blends, and learn from our expert baristas how we roast, and our different brewing methods.

There will be continuous cupping sessions and brewing demonstrations where you can participate and try all of our coffees for free, so register through our Eventbrite invite and join this very special festival of coffee!


Emily Raven